We have worked with Mark Farmer since 2011. We enjoy a good relationship with him and have come to appreciate and trust Mark’s advice. He has helped us understand how we can make our retirement funds work for us. Mark is approachable and easy to deal with and has taken the time to get to know us and our family. He understands how we like to manage our financial resources and enables us to do so in the most effective and profitable manner. We wholeheartedly recommend Mark Farmer Financial Solutions!

Rolf and Helen Zuidema – Meeniyan

Mark has been handling our financial affairs since 2012 and in that time we have found his advice to be well presented and easy to understand. He always makes himself available to respond to questions we may have and presents his information clearly and precisely.

Mark has an affable and friendly manner and he always makes us feel at ease.

Judith and Michael Doyle – Phillip Island

My wife and I have been clients of Mark Farmer since 2006. Our first encounter with Mark was through the National Australia Bank in Traralgon.

First impressions are so important to Dot and myself and our first one with Mark was one of trust and understanding for both parties. This has not wavered, and still remains so to this day.

Mark is always available at a moments notice and never fails to return a call. Dot and I think of Mark as a friend of ours and would highly recommend his services to any future clients or prospects that may come his way.

Gary and Dorothy Downs – Moe

We first met Mark while he was working at the National Australia Bank. When we had the opportunity to follow him into his own business we didn’t hesitate. We have been impressed with his professionalism when presenting information to us, and I like receiving the emails when there is a bit of problem in the economy. Mark put in a great effort when we were retiring and our finances were quite complicated. I would certainly recommend Mark to anyone looking for financial advice.

Robb and Lorraine Lawrie – Tarwin Lower

We have been clients of Mark Farmer’s for many years, initially in his capacity as a Financial Planner for one of the four major banks. We continued as clients of Mark’s when he made the decision to establish his own financial consultancy business – although this was not without some initial reservation on our part as we were comfortable that his services to us were as an employee/representative of the bank with the resources and backing of the bank.

A move to private enterprise was no doubt an exciting challenge for Mark, but also, most certainly, ourselves. Mark’s transition from the bank to a business in his own right has been seamless and absolutely without issue for us. This is due, in no small part, to Mark’s professionalism, diligence and continued personal attention to our financial planning requirements. His undoubted integrity, responsiveness and no nonsense approach has ensured the continued enjoyment of our retirement years.

We have no hesitation in remaining clients of Mark and believe that our financial planning needs will continue to receive the professional support that is required in today’s challenging environment.

Ian and Susan Row – Outtrim

I asked my financial planner, who had one of the highest industry accreditation’s, about an investment/superannuation scheme that would potentially save me a lot in tax, but I was told it was not possible and that I did not fit the criteria.

By happenstance, I was telling a friend about my situation and it was recommended that I speak to Mark, which I did and he was confident I would qualify for this particular scheme. After speaking with my financial advisor a second time I was assured that it could not be done. To cut a long story short, Mark made it happen and as a consequence I have a tax saving of at least $20,000 each year. Mark’s knowledge and expertise far outweighed those of my financial planner who had impressive affiliations and credentials in the finance industry.

Kate Sanderson – Frankston

I have been a client of Mark’s since 2005. I initially met with Mark to discuss my upcoming retirement at the time and right from the start I was really impressed with his integrity and style.

Mark is always accessible and he has an approach that makes you feel very comfortable. I have been very happy with Mark and I would highly recommend any of my family or friends to him.

Ross Zagari – Essendon

Myself and my wife have always found Mark Farmer to be very helpful and patient with any query on our retirement and insurance matters. We have been with Mark Farmer since 2012 and we could ring him or e-Mail him at any time. Over the time we have formed a good and lasting relationship personal and business. We would be very pleased to recommend him to others.

Daud Gamal and Chanaton Karsiman Ormond-Allen – Previously of Inverloch and retired to Malaysia

We have been a client of Marks since 2008 after being recommended via a friend. At that time I could foresee a large tax problem occurring and needed advise to combat this upcoming dilemma. Mark personally attended my home after hours several times, outlining the options and explaining them in detail. I had never utilised a financial advisor previous to this time and handled my financial affairs solely through my own experience, hence I was sceptical, but there was no pressure from Mark and despite my constant barrage of questions and pessimism, he calmly offered his opinions and satisfied our concerns.

My wife and I had moved to the country and were not interested in high performance shares or high risk money management, and Mark worked with us to manage our funds exactly as we had hoped, avoiding our tax problem and cementing our future.

Throughout our association I have referred friends and colleagues to his business, and all have found him to be committed to working diligently for them and returning favourable returns.

Mark treats his clients on their level, whether they are Mr and Mrs Average or the Prime Minister, so instantly there is a grounding of the relationship, and you can be assured he will talk your language without simply promising you inflated “pie in the sky” returns and goals.

In these days of inexperienced money grabbing salesman posing as Financial Planners, and only interested in trailling fees, he is indeed a genuine person, who continues to work for me with complete trust. And let me say, I am not the easiest person to work with at times!

Russell Williams – Koonwarra